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While the art of Capoeira is a fantastic martial art, the very nature of it limits some people who are unable to do the acrobatic and ground maneuvers. Our Cardio Capoeira program offers a solution to this issue. Most adult students like the culture of the Capoeira art. They enjoy the fundamental movement, the music, and the workout. However, due to physical limitations and age, adult students are not as capable as children and teenagers to do handstands and cartwheels. As a result, we developed Cardio Capoeira.

Cardio Capoeira incorporates all of the fundamental hand and kicking techniques but omits the ground and acrobatic maneuvers thereby making the workout accessible to people of all ages and experience levels. The spirit of the Capoeira art is preserved and our format is designed to provide a safe, structured, and effective workout that can blend into any existing cardio program or martial art class. This is a great program to develop new ways to exercise and condition your students and increase their fitness levels while having fun and learning a new skill.

This program includes instruction and guidelines for:
  • counting
  • pacing
  • correct technique
  • exercise sets
  • cardio combinations
  • new jinga variations
  • cardio partner work
  • conditioning
  • stretching
  • cool down
  • everything needed to run a successful Cardio Capoeira class!

    A Great Value!

    "I wanted to tell you that your Cardio Capoeira dvd is exceptional! It is a well-conceived program and I have received a great response from my classes." ~ Jennifer Pickett, certified aerobics instructor Arizona