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This is a highly recommended instructional program that will guide you step-by-step through starting and running a successful martial arts program for children ages 4-7. The business of martial arts is built on children. The younger you get them started (within reason), the longer you stand to keep them enrolled. The martial arts gets into their blood, so to speak, and they become little sponges, ready to be taught with open minds and noble objectives. If your school is like most, the majority of your student population is made up of children under the age of sixteen, and if the parents want to experience the martial arts with their children, with their children, then as a bonus they become students in your adult class. We have many 8 to 16 year old kids who have literally trained with us the majority of their lives. Without question, the martial arts has had a profound influence on their lives.

This program is not a "play-time" guide. We focus on a proven-to-work martial arts curriculum that is teachable, measurable and very appropriate for children ages 4-7. This program also includes a skills and drills DVD designed to add fun and excitement to your classes. All skills and drills are principle based and help to refine fine motor skills, memorization, cooperation and class retention.

Even if you already have a similar system for running a pre-school / kindergarten-aged class at your school -- our HOW TO... program will most definitely enhance and compliment what you are already doing by giving you new and innovative ideas, clear and concise instruction on how to structure a progressive, exciting, solid, and profitable program for children ages 4-7. Using a tried and proven teaching syllabus of curriculum and skills & drills like the one provided by AdamLand Productions will lead to rewards beyond your expectations!

This complete program includes chapters on the following:
  • The Value of a "Little Tigers" Program
  • Recommended Program Structure
  • Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Questions From Parents
  • Recommended Training Cycle that Produces the Best Results
  • Complete Curriculum Outline
  • The 5 Parts of Class
  • Test Evaluation
  • Rewards
  • Teaching Life Skills
  • Stranger Awareness Discussion Information
  • Fire Safety Discussion Information
  • Water Safety Discussion Information
  • Car Safety Discussion Information
  • Electrical Safety Discussion Information
  • Tornado Safety Discussion Information
  • Dog Safety Discussion Information
  • First Aid for Kids
  • "Discipline in the Dojo"
  • Disciplining a Student in a Positive Way
  • Enlisting Quality Parental Support
  • Over 25 Exciting Classroom Skills & Drills
  • Chapter Selections and Special Features

"I have been most impressed with the quality of two items I have received from AdamLand Productions: the Padded Weapons Combo Pack and the Little Tigers Curriculum DVDs. The flow and sequence of fundamental ideas, the muli-angle demonstrations of solo and partnered technique, and the attention to detail of practical, teachable concepts and methods is professionally presented and patiently explained. Furthermore, your blend of different styles results in effective, balanced, and "do-able" forms and moves that students enjoy learning. In short, the DVDs look great, sound great, and teach great!"
Thanks for coming out with an attractive product line of useful, teachable styles!"
~ Tom and Julie Knowles
Directors, Collierville Arts Academy