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Our padded weapons curriculum is not based on theory. It is based on years of trial and error in developing a padded weapons program that was curriculum driven, testable, translatable to empty hand, exciting to teach and fun to do. It was not an easy task. We found that the best way to keep student interest and retention in our padded weapons classes was to develop a curriculum similar to that of conventional martial arts; something that was quantifiable with regard to skills and included a specific progression of weaponry. The results have been outstanding! Visualize a modern kobudo class with the added advantage of being able to test learned skills through controlled sparring. This is the approach we took in creating our padded weapons program.

The success of the program has been so good that it has developed into a "second school" with many of our traditional martial art student's crossing over and adding the padded weapons program to their training. We have also experienced a boost in new enrollments that join specifically to train in the padded weapons curriculum and eventually earn a black belt in that program. This program shares our curriculum with martial art school owners and instructors who are interested in increasing their bottom line with a proven padded weapons program that will blend with any style of martial art. This program can be used as an add-on program or it can be combined with your current curriculumas bonus program. You choose. One more thing... because it's padded weapons, its parent friendly, too.

The program includes:
  • 6 DVDs (5+ hrs) and a companion manual with over 200 photographs
  • How to begin a padded weapons program at your school
  • Marketing Tips
  • A discussion regarding safety
  • Presented with our exclusive A.V.I.S. concept of teaching
  • Rank levels: white through 4th level black (13 ranks)
  • A model curriculum for each rank
  • A recommended training cycle that produces the best results
  • A recommended method of testing and promotional protocol
  • An outline of the five (5) parts of a class
  • Our exclusive 5 phases of sparring
  • Life skill assignments for the juniors
  • Video demonstration of all recommended curriculum
  • Video demonstration of the proper use of the weapons
  • Video demonstration of a Children's Padded Weapons Class (approx. 1 hour)
  • Video demonstration of a Teen & Adult Padded Weapons Class (approx. 1 hour)

included on DVD:
  • 3 Short Sword forms
  • 18 Short Sword partner exercises
  • 4 Long Sword forms
  • Long Sword blocking sets
  • Double Sword sinawali patterns
  • 4 Bo staff forms
  • 7 Knife pass sets
  • 2 Knife forms
  • 2 Nunchuku forms
  • Phases of weapons sparring

Included in the manual:
  • Quick reference guide
  • Photos of all techniques
  • Curriculum on paper
  • Examples of rank certificates
  • Retention tips

Explanations of:
  • power principles
  • force principles
  • Bushido Code
  • AVIS Teaching method
  • Phases of a weapons class

Even if you already have a similar program working for you at your school - our HOW TO... program will most definitely enhance and compliment what you are already doing by giving you new and innovative ideas, clear and concise instruction on how to structure a progressive, solid, and profitable padded weapons program at your school.

This is the Padded Weapons program you need to succeed!

"I can't say enough about this (padded weapons) program. It has far exceeded my expectations. The production values of the DVD's and the manual are very professional. The scope of the program is flexible enough to be used as an add-on program (as it was intended) or as a stand alone program. Best of all, it progresses at just the right rate (challenging but not overwhelming) and still leaves enough room for modifications to whatever art or system one might already be teaching.Thanks so much."
~ Steve Beard
Tulsa, Oklahoma