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In this program we'll show you how to correctly internalize a series of concepts and develop fluid combinations to enhance your understanding how to fight with and defend against a knife. It is important to remember that these concepts are applicable to edged weapons. The demonstrations are done with padded weaponry for safety. This is a stand-alone program that features all fundamental basic, intermediate, and advanced partner training exercises. As always, we've included dynamic innovations that will add more excitement to the process of learning how to effectively wield a knife. This is a "must-own" for those who are new to the use of this weapon, and for those who want fresh ideas for using or instructing in the use of the knife. We highly recommend this program for the customers who have purchased the complete "How To..." padded weapons program as a resource for new drills and skills to incorporate into their curriculum.

This program includes:
  • All standard grip cuts, slashes and thrusts
  • All reverse grip cuts, slashes and thrusts
  • Combinations featuring both grips
  • Partner drills to enhance sensitivity
  • Flow pattern
  • All NEW knife form featuring transitions from standard to reverse grips
  • Knife sparring
  • Applications for visualization
  • Clear step-by-step breakdown of all materials