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This is a perfect curriculum to compliment your padded weapons program or to enhance your traditional sword skills. In addition to examining the correct use of the weapon, we'll show you how to correctly internalize a series of techniques, arrange effective partner drills, and develop fluid combinations to enhance skill and appreciation of the weapon. This program outlines all the key points to each technique so as instructors, you have a clear understanding of what the goal or purpose is to your teaching. Essentially, we give you visualization through innovation.

This volume Includes detailed instruction on the following:
  • The proper grips
  • The correct way to cut
  • 8 Samurai stances
  • 11cutting & thrusting techniques
  • Blocking & deflecting techniques
  • Partner drills utilizing the various techniques
  • The D.T.T. partner form (distancing, timing & targeting form)
  • Overview of the A.V.I.S teaching method
  • Clear step-by-step breakdown of all materials
  • Chapter Selection for easy navigation
  • Applicable concepts for juniors, teens & adults

"I have found your padded dvds to be tremendously helpful in running my padded weapon class." ~ Teresa Montalto
Newcastle, Wyoming