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Our padded weapon productions cover the traditional use including stances, grips, strikes, parries & blocks. In addition to examining the correct use, we present dynamic innovations designed to create added excitement to your classes. The Short Sword program is completely applicable to a rattan or bamboo escrima stick. This is part of our series of stand-alone programs which accent our "How To Start and Successfully Run A Padded Weapons Program At Your School" program. Use this as a resource for gathering cutting edge ideas and concepts for use in your martial arts classes or to enhance your padded weapons program.

This DVD includes:
  • All fundamentals and basic techniques
  • Striking form & thrusting form
  • Traditional blocks
  • Live blocks (more applicable for sparring)
  • Over 20 partner drills
  • Explanation of the force-assist concept
  • Partner demonstrations & applications of all techniques
  • Clear step-by-step breakdown of all materials
  • Applicable concepts for juniors, teens & adults