SPIRIT OF THE SWORD VOLUME 1 --- 2 disc set!

SPIRIT OF THE SWORD VOLUME 1 --- 2 disc set!
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In this program you will learn how to wield the Samurai Katana Sword with precision and grace. Learn the details of drawing, executing the cut, shaking the blood, and returning the sword to the scabbard. Whether you are just starting out with the katana sword or if you're an experienced practitioner looking for fresh ideas to accent your own training, this curriculum will give you inspiration for enhancing your skills. In addition to examining the correct use of the weapon, we present 7 sitting katas, 7 standing katas, and an original katana form grounded in traditional cutting techniques and enhanced by modern innovations.

This is ideal for martial art school owners and instructors who are looking for workshop, seminar or martial art camp curriculum that is easy to learn, exciting, and forged with a strong foundation rooted in ancient Samurai traditions. This curriculum can also be a resource for gathering new ideas and concepts for use in your martial arts classes or to enhance an upgrade program. This program is designed to give you a strong understanding in the proper movement and mechanics necessary for successfully training in the way and spirit of the sword.

This DVD includes:
  • How to wear the sword
  • How to draw the sword
  • The proper grip
  • The proper cutting technique
  • How to return the sword to the scabbard
  • Using the bokken
  • 7 sitting katas
  • 7 standing katas
  • 4 individual combinations
  • Original Katana form