TRADITIONAL WEAPONS VOLUME 2: Intermediate Curriculum

TRADITIONAL WEAPONS VOLUME 2: Intermediate Curriculum
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Our Traditional Weapons DVD series cover the correct use of ancient martial arts weapons with modern innovations.

In Volume 2 of this series, we take your skills to the next level!

Our DVD's outline all the key points to each exercise so you have a clear understanding of the purpose of your training. This allows you to evolve your weapon skills to a higher level - faster.

This DVD features the following weapons:
  • Escrima Sticks
  • Staff
  • Kamas
  • Bokken

  • Featuring the quality & detail you expect from AdamLand Productions, This DVD Includes:
    • All NEW Escrima Stick Form with detailed technical breakdown.
    • Single Stick and Double Sticks Sinawali Patterns.
    • Instruction on New Staff Techniques.
    • All NEW Intermediate Staff Form.
    • Instruction on new Kama Techniques and Combinations.
    • 2 All NEW Intermediate Kama Forms.
    • Detailed instruction on New Samurai Cutting Techniques.
    • Bokken Form #2.
    • Clear Step By Step Breakdown of All Materials
    • Chapter Selections for easy navigation
    • Special Bonus Features Included!
    • Applicable Concepts For Juniors, Teens & Adults

    Add Value And Excitement With Our Traditional Weapons DVD Series!