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Our Primal Response programs address the chaotic action that goes on in a real altercation. Everything is fast and furious and there is no time to set-up intricate joint locks and maneuvers. The whole program is direct and straight to the point. The self-defense sets are designed to be flexible and directly applicable to everyone - which means they will easily blended into any martial arts style.

The concepts are shown in specific detail and demonstrated with a lot of energy. Primal Response is a method that is desired by martial art students. It is easy to learn, very gritty, exciting and fun to practice, and it gets right to the core of things.

This Program focuses on defending from a clinch. We analyze defenses from a series of different assaults including head locks, head & body clinches, bear hugs, tackles, strangle holds and more.

We give clear, detailed and concise instruction for all materials. This volume will take your previous Primal Response skills to another level!

"The attention to detail and care you take in explaining the information is greatly appreciated"
~ Kyle Hoffman
Orlando, Florida