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This is our answer to the demand for more reality-based self-defense concepts and techniques that have been sought by martial arts students, instructors and school owners.

Anyone who has been involved in or has witnessed a real-life self-defense situation knows that the traditional one-steps and block & counters taught in most martial arts school are more principle-based than reality-based. The concepts taught in these maneuvers hold a lot of value as far as distancing, timing, targeting and action/reaction training. But when you want to take your self-defense concepts to a more practical level, you need to train in methods that are more*primal. Consequently, we authored the term *Primal Response.* Our Primal Response programs address the chaotic action that goes on in a real altercation. Everything is fast and furious and there is no time to set-up intricate joint locks and maneuvers. The whole program is direct and straight to the point. The self-defense sets are designed to be flexible and directly applicable to everyone - which means they will easily blended into any martial arts style.

The concepts are shown in specific detail and demonstrated with a lot of energy. Primal Response is easy to learn, gritty, exciting, and fun to practice. It gets right to the core of things. This Program includes 8 different Primal Response partner sets with detailed instruction for all materials. This will certainly enhance your self-protection skills and add fun and excitement to martial art classes.