AdamLand Productions has been developing, producing and distributing Martial Art instructional DVD's and VHS videos since 2003.

We are dedicated to providing an exceptional value in our products at an affordable price to martial art school owners, instructors and students alike.

AdamLand Productions is a division of Pecoraro's Martial Arts & Fitness, Inc., a family owned and operated martial art school which has been empowering men, women & children since 1992. We are located in Sonoma County about 80 miles north of San Francisco in the heart of California’s wine country. Our mission is simple... We are dedicated to providing the highest quality martial art instruction to anyone who is interested in learning. We accomplish this through a high degree of professionalism, innovative curriculum and progressive teaching methods.

Originally, we began as a member of a national organization that was single style based. Because of the inherent restraints on curriculum and the politics of belonging to a national organization we broke free and became independent.

With this new independence, we were now free to learn a variety of martial art disciplines, techniques, teaching methods and philosophies that could be blended into our existing curriculum. This proved to be a huge advantage over our competition. No longer did we have students leave because of a stale or too repetitive curriculum. We now offered martial art diversity!

As of this writing, we operate out of one location comprised of approximately 5000 square feet, with an active enrollment close to 400 students, 2 separate workout floors, visitors lounge, and a retail Pro Shop. Our monthly drop rate, the prime indicator of retention, has averaged less than 2% over the past five years; this is compared to an industry average of 5-7%.

We pride ourselves as a progressive, modern martial art school teaching more than blocks, strikes and kicks. Positive social skills and their value in becoming successful in life are at the core of all our programs. Although our martial art roots are in Taekwondo, we effectively blend concepts and signature techniques of Boxing, Aikido, Kenpo, Karate, Muay Thai, Capoeira, Jeet Kune Do and Kubudo into our curriculum, which provides our students with a well-rounded education in martial art skill and philosophy.

Today's martial art student is considerably different from those in the recent past. Yes, they still want self-defense skills and something more rewarding than what’s available at a health club or fitness center, but today’s priorities for joining a martial art school are seldom predicated on the style of martial art that is taught, what rank the instructor is or their martial art lineage, what national organization the school is associated with, or even how many years the instructors have been teaching. The majority of today’s students join because of the variety of martial art activities / programs a school has to offer.

We think you'll agree with us that the martial arts are incredibly expansive with regards to the vast amount of information available to martial art students, instructors and school owners. We also feel that to limit yourself and your students to a single style is losing sight of the bigger picture. Bruce Lee said it this way, studying a way rather than all ways "is like pointing a finger to the sky. Don't concentrate on the finger or you will miss all that heavenly glory."

With the hectic routine of modern daily life, people need to spend their disposable income on an activity that will give them what they perceive to be the biggest bang for their buck. If your school is one dimensional or limited in the variety of programs that it offers, then potential students may be compelled to look elsewhere to invest their time and money.

AdamLand Productions can help you to provide a wider variety of martial art programs designed to motivate you and your students to reach higher levels of achievement without any of the usual time management headaches. Several instructors have found success with our instructional programs. You can read their comments on our testimonials page by clicking here.

Aligning your school with AdamLand Productions and our library of informative, detailed and innovative DVD programs will alleviate boredom, improve student retention, increase your bottom line and add excitement to your classes!

In keeping with our exceptionally high standards for customer service, If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact us at 1-866-323-3135 or and we will be happy to assist you in correcting any problem quickly and to your satisfaction.